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We are CLOSED until June/July 2018

We have moved from our location and will not be in full service until June or July in 2018. We are only shipping 2 items at this time 1) Nutri-Sheen Supplement and 2) Speed Sew. Please place orders only for these items at this time.

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Speed Sew

Speed Sew

Speed Sew (only $5.95) is labeled as a fabric adhesive and we can only recommend Speed Sew to be used as directed by the label. With that said, Speed Sew is used by many dog breeders as a glue to train ears, especially on Sheltie and Collie breeds. Speed Sew has been around for years, but Speed Sew can be hard to find. We have stocked Speed Sew since the mid 1980's and we have had only compliments about Speed Sew from many professional dog breeders across the country. 1.75 fluid ounces per tube. Speed Sew is a great product!

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SKU: G103
Price: $5.95

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