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Providing Pet Supplies since 1972

We are only shipping Nutri-Sheen until furthur notice

We are only shipping Nutri-Sheen Supplement at this time until further notice.

National Pet Supplies Plus ...

Providing Pet Supplies Since 1972!
aka: Kay-9 Veterinary Supply

Dog Supplies

Over the 40 plus years in business, the professional dog breeders have recommended many of the dog supplies on our website. We only carry dog supplies that have proven to be winners over the years! Remember, unless stated in the item's description as an additional fee, all orders are shipped for only $9.95!
Bandages & Wraps
Buckets and Pails
Disinfectants & Cleaners
Fish/Bird Label Antiobiotics
Medical & Surgical Instruments
Skin Ointments & Sprays
Dog Bowls & Feeders
Dog Brushes and Combs
Dog Cages & Dog Crates
Precision Pet Products
Dog Clippers & Blades
Dog Collars & Leads
Dog Dental Products
Dog Eye & Ear Products
Dog Flea & Tick, Insect
Dog Grooming Aids
Dog Grooming Shears & Scissors
Dog Kennel Accessories
Dog Shampoo
Dog Supplements
Dog Toys & Dog Bones
Dog Treats
Dog Vitamins
Dog Wormers

Petfinder & Ask A Breeder

"Petfinder" and "Ask a Breeder" your pet questions:(This section not yet active, but we are looking for professional breeders for each breed to be part of this program. Please contact us for additional information.)

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