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We are only shipping Nutri-Sheen until furthur notice

We are only shipping Nutri-Sheen Supplement at this time until further notice.

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NutriSheen helps dry skin
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NutriSheen Skin & Coat Conditioner Food Supplement - helps cure dry skin problems - stops scratching!

NutriSheen is our most complimented product for over 28 years! Used by dogs, cats, birds and even horses. NutriSheen is simply added to the food. Squirt some on the kibble each day creates a healthy skin and a healthy skin produces a great coat on the animal. In dogs, it is estimated that 4 out of 5 dogs with a skin problem will be cured by using NutriSheen. If your dog has a dry skin, a reddish skin on its underside, or is biting or scratching due to a skin condition, NutriSheen will most likely be able to cure the problem. With a healthy skin you will also see less shedding. The coat of most animals will become soft and beautiful.

One quart of NutriSheen will last one dog or cat several months. Naturally the smaller an animal the longer one quart will last, but in most cases a quart of NutriSheen will last a 60 pound dog about 3-5 months. Using NutriSheen is very cheap to use.

Recommending NutriSheen is very easy for us to do because we get so many compliments about its results. Please keep in mind that NutriSheen needs about 3 weeks for you to start seeing results as the product needs to get into the animal's system for a period of time before the results become evident.

Many breeders and individual pets without any skin problems use NutriSheen daily to create that beautiful coat on the animal. You do not have to have a skin problem to use NutriSheen. Using it will keep you animal away from skin problems and provide you a fantastic coat. Make NutriSheen part of your animal's daily diet and you both will be extremely pleased. NutriSheen is amazing!

NutriSheen is sold exclusively through National Pet Supplies Plus (aka: Kay-9 Veterinary Supply Company, National Pet & Animal Health, National Pet & Veterinary Supply Company).


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